Friday, February 4, 2011

When Hypothermia Comes A-Knockin'

Perhaps not a lifehack, but you might disagree when you need it.

First some symptoms:

  • Slow or Slurred Speech 
  • Fatigue
  • Uncontrolled Shivering
  • Can't Quite Walk Straight
  • Semi- or Unconscious 

Kinda sounds like they're drunk, am I right?  Well, maybe minus the shivering.

If they're unconscious or have any sort of heart problem (heart attack, cardiac arrest, etc) seek medical help immediately - if they're having heart trouble, give the poor bastard CPR.

But, before you do much of anything else, move the afflicted to a warm, dry area protected from the wind.

Remove all wet clothing and cover the person in dry blankets - be sure to cover the head, hands and feet - and put them in a cot or a bed near a warm, but not hot, heater.

Not warming them too fast is very important!

Now it's time for the cuddles. Get under the covers next to them to help share your body heat and, if possible, get someone else on their other side.

If the afflicted is a baby, wrap them in your own clothing against your skin. Then slather some butter on them before you -- just kidding.

Now, how to prevent? It's not usually too difficult to hack prevention here.

  • Warm, multi-layered clothing with good protection for your hands, feet and head without constricting bloodflow. 
  • Whenever some part of you gets wet, change out that clothing for something dry. 
  • Seek shelter, dummy. 

I'm terribly tired this morning, so that's all you're getting.


  1. Good thing to know with all the cold weather happening.

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  3. "kinda sounds like they're drunk" indeed. Those were my exact thoughts, haha. Good post though, especially with such freezing cold weather right now. I've only ever been out in the cold for extended amounts of time a few times, but this is good stuff to know. Good blog.

  4. Feeling cold should probably be included in the symptom list...

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  9. opposite technique with burns. warm water is always best, ice cold makes it worse.

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